The Arms of Death– Book Review

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Note: This was published before but was somehow put in drafts again. I blame computer gremlins!

I am over the moon excited because my friend, Maggie Foster, has released her first book! Maggie is in my social writing group. I have had the pleasure to participate as a sounding board, assisted with brainstorming, served as one of many proofreaders. I have watched Maggie put her heart a soul into this book. I saw her face radiate pure joy when she showed me the proof copy! She has created a seriously amazing story and deserves all the success in the world!

The Arms of Death

by Maggie Foster

Ginny Forbes is an ICU nurse. When one of her patients dies unexpectedly, it sends Ginny on a journey to discover the cause. Her curiosity gets her into a heap of trouble. She has underestimated the repercussions of this investigation. Yet stubbornly this propelled her deeper into the thick of things.

Ginny delves deeper into her Scottish community and uncovers some clan secrets.

Her characters are fun and interesting. The peek into Scottish culture is absolutely fascinating. Maggie is Scottish and I love hearing stories of her culture. The plot of the story is clever.

Book 2 and 3 are out already. She is a writer who has multiple books going at once at various stages. So as I said two and three are out already. Book four is almost done. Book five is planned already. She has a rough idea for a bunch more! I don’t know how she writes so brilliantly, so fast but she does!

So if you like a series with characters that develop and grow over time, this is a series for you. I know the plot for the next four books and these are stories you definitely don’t want to miss.

Only a real book nerd will understand this part: this book is beautiful! Look at this font for chapter titles. She has the next six covers planned and I can tell you they are all just as gorgeous!

If you love a good murder mystery with medical intrigue and a rich Scottish culture, then you will go nuts over this story! 

5 Quills

The book does contain some violence (um, murder mystery!) but nothing too visceral. This book is pretty clean, though not really written for children. It is an adult book in the pacing and interest level.

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