First Page Friday: Breakout

This is one of the Lone Star Books I’m excited about. This text is told in a unique way: text messages, letters, sticky notes, emails, and more. So it is like Illuminae in that regard. This one is not set in space though.

Here is the synopsis from GoodReads:

“Nora Tucker is looking forward to summer vacation in Wolf Creek–two months of swimming, popsicles, and brushing up on her journalism skills for the school paper. But when two inmates break out of the town’s maximum security prison, everything changes. Doors are locked, helicopters fly over the woods, and police patrol the school grounds. Worst of all, everyone is on edge, and fear brings out the worst in some people Nora has known her whole life. Even if the inmates are caught, she worries that home might never feel the same.

Told in letters, poems, text messages, news stories, and comics–a series of documents Nora collects for the Wolf Creek Community Time Capsule Project.”

On another topic, I just finished reading Nameless Queen. I’m working on the book review for it and I’m adding a new feature Book Club Discussions.

This book left me with questions and I’m dying to talk to you all about it. This was a Netgalley book so it won’t be released until Jan 7, 2020. So, perhaps I’ll do a normal book review, then add a separate Book Club Discussion post over it in January. Y’all! I am so excited about this!