My Rating System

I’ve decided it is time to implement a rating system in my book reviews. So from here on out I will assign 1-5 quills to books based on my opinion of the book. You may or may not agree based on your own personal tastes.

five quill rating

5 Quills mean I adore this book! I look for books that have excellent character arcs, worldbuilding, voice, plot, excellent pacing, and a satisfying ending.

four quill rating

4 Quills means this is a perfectly lovely story. There may be nothing wrong with the story other than it just doesn’t excite me as much as my five star books. Maybe it had excellent character arcs, voice, plot, with fast pacing but the ending was a little to abrupt or ambiguous for me.

I prefer stories with lots of action. I may give a story a lower rating if it is slow paced or too angsty especially if it is a girl who can’t decide which boy she loves more. So I might give it four stars but if you love angsty stories, you might think it is a five.

three quill rating

3 Quills means the story was okay. I enjoyed it well enough.

two quill rating

2 Quills means I didn’t really care for the story much. Likely I won’t have finished the book because it was just bad. To be honest, I probably won’t post any of these or very few. I will probably choose to not review the book. I hope to one day be an author myself. I will not want bad press, so I choose to not give it to other authors.

one quill rating

1 Quill means I hate this book with a passion. It very likely goes directly against something I hold dear. As with 2 quills, I will follow my mother’s advice, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” #wisewords

I hope this helps!