Book Review Policy

On many occasions I’ve been asked to review a book. Thank you! I am honored that you asked me. I’m getting enough requests now that I feel I need to have a formal policy in place. So here goes…

What kinds of books do I review?

  • I read middle grade, YA, and adult fiction.
  • I LOVE science fiction and fantasy!
  • historical fiction
  • horror (not too scary though because I’m a wimp!) zombie stories, ghost stories, monsters of all kinds, all good!
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • books with diverse characters (differently-abled, minority, etc)
  • adventure
  • humor
  • paranormal
  • post apocalypse
  • some realistic fiction.
  • I don’t really care for YA romance novels because they tend to be very angst-y which I find annoying. I don’t mind a little side-plot romance, but not the main plot.

I will not read: A book which has a bunch of sex, drugs, alcohol, needless violent gore, and a ton of cussing, then stop right here and forget it. I won’t fill my brain with that stuff. What goes in your brain tends to come out of your mouth and I teach middle school. No! I am not a complete prude though, a few cuss words here and there is fine. Some violence is fine. Mention of, but not glorifying drugs or alcohol is fine.

Will I review self-published books?

Yes! I have friends who have self published and perhaps one day maybe I’ll self publish. I love supporting the little guy! BUT make sure you have edited your book very well. I’m an English teacher. I understand stylistically breaking the rules but I won’t abide bad writing. If my favorite author in the world, Brandon Sanderson, has an editor, then by golly you need one too. I recommend a professional editor, but at very least, get someone who is experienced to edit your book.

If I don’t like your book, I reserve the right to not review the book. I am not in the business of trashing books or authors. I am a writer myself, so I don’t want to bring verbal harm to a fellow author. I also owe it to my readers to not lie. They trust me, and I want to keep it that way.

What format will I accept?

I always like getting physical copies of books. After I’ve read and reviewed the book, if it is appropriate for my classroom, I will book talk it to my students and put it on the shelf at school, which exposes your books to approximately 75 more pairs of eyeballs!

I understand that physical books are expensive though, so I also accept eBooks for the Kindle App. After I’m done reading those, I will just let them sit on my Kindle for all eternity or until I run out of space.

How long will it take to get the review?

This all depends on how much is on my plate at the time. I have downloaded a book from NetGalley that was a quick easy read and had a review ready in two days. That was the summer when I didn’t have much on my plate and the book was gripping. Other books have sat on my nightstand for months as I get buried under piles of papers to grade, taking my son to his sporting events, and grad school homework. If you have a deadline or a release date, let me know and I’ll let you know if I can meet that date.

How to contact me?

The most reliable way to get a hold of me is via quillandbooks at gmail dot com.

Where will I post it?

I will, of course, put the review up on this blog. If I really love the book, I might also put the review on Goodreads or Amazon if you want. My blog posts are usually shared on my Kathryn Fletcher Page and my Instagram account as well.