Writing Advice: Write Every Day!

You hear this all the time. To be a successful writer, write every day! Some even go so far to say that if you don't, you aren't even a REAL writer. LIES!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBZk6JZwJCU Is there anything wrong with writing every day? Absolutely not. It is a good habit which will surely make you a better … Continue reading Writing Advice: Write Every Day!

What are Alpha and Beta Readers?

Writers throw around terms like alpha and beta readers. But really what is that? Why two different groups? Alpha readers Part of the confusion is that there are subtly different definitions depending on who you ask. Some will say that an alpha reader is simply the first people to read it–no other qualifiers. That’s how I defined it for many years. Then I read another description of it which made sense. This definition distinguishes between readers who are writers and readers who are readers. Both types of readers are critically important.