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All good writers are also readers, so we talk a lot about books on here. Have you dreamed of being a published author? Maybe you don’t know quite where to start? What happens after I write my story? How do I revise my short story without revising the soul out of it? How do I find time to write? You can find answers to questions like this on this website!

I review a variety of middle grade and YA books but I do more Fantasy genre than anything else. (Very little Romance or Dark Fantasy)

Where do you want to go?

See the Latest Book Reviews, Writing Advice, Resources, Story Elements, Editing, and more! As of August 2020 I’m writing a series on getting from idea to outline.

Navigating the publishing world is overwhelming! From Rough Draft to Published walks you through the publishing process and clearly, simply delivers information you need to make the best decisions for your story and your career.

Gain access to all my Writer’s Resources for Free! Tons of resources at your fingertips! If you haven’t signed up for access yet, click here.

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Get updates on my writing progress and possibly early access to them.

Plus there’s pictures and stories about the crazy pet antics here at the Fletcher Household. I have way too many pets. Currently 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 4 hens, and a snake. Crowley the snake is not pictured because like the platypus, “they don’t do much” and I know people have phobias. Did you know that chickens are adorable and hilarious?

This is my story about a boy with autism and his new friend trying to save their neighborhood from a rampaging troll.

Currently writing a novel with these characters.

Join our fledgling Facebook group. Writers at all stages and experience are welcome. We have a weekly live virtual write-in. This is a place to ask questions and connect with other writers.

Writing Retreat Kit (Free Digital Download)

This could be done as a solo retreat or with writing buddies. This can also be done virtually with the help of a video conferencing platform. The kit I’ve put together has all the planning done for you! This kit contains:

  • Goal Setting
  • A Schedule
  • Share Session Guidelines
  • Discussion Starters
  • Make Ahead Recipes (to maximize writing time)
  • PLUS Resources to help you outline your story or get unstuck

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you don’t know quite where to start?
A Writing Process

What happens after I write my story? I wrote a whole book on this topic.
From Rough Draft to Published

How do I revise my short story without revising the soul out of it?
Revising and Editing a Story
A Writing Process

How do I find time to read or write?
https://quillandbooks.com/2017/09/08/secrets-to-finding-time-to-read-in-a-crazy-busy-world/ (I need to write a post specifically about finding time to write. Look for that soon!)

Click on the Latest Blog Post Icon above to learn more answers to other questions you have and read about some amazing books and authors.

If you have a topic suggestion, feel free to email me!
Kathryn @ quillandbooks.com

*Some links on other pages may go to Bookshop. (They help indie bookstores.) This also helps support my book habit without costing you more.

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