Secrets to Finding Time to Read in a Crazy Busy World

I would love to have a day to do nothing but sit and read and maybe drink a cup of hot tea. The reality is that it is not likely to happen for years to come. I have a six-year-old adorable little boy at home that demands my attention every few hours…or every 3 minutes.  smile

You may have children of your own. You might be a teen or preteen with an annoying brother or sister that interrupts your reading time. You might just be a really busy person. Whatever it is, you likely don’t have time to read. Do you know how many times I hear that from kids AND adults? We are just plain busy, but if it is important, you’ll find the time. I’m here to help you with that by offering some suggestions.

In the Morning: Get up ten minutes early. Get ready fast. Sit and read while everyone rushes around. Or flip that. Get up early and read first. That is what I have to do.

Before Bed: This is probably the most obvious and the most common. This is a dangerous one though. With no one to drag you by your hand away from your book, you could get lost in your book for hours on end. I have on occasion been known to stay up until one am to finish reading my book. Though those days are fewer than it used to be. More often than not, I wake up at midnight after having fallen asleep while reading. Audible: This one costs some money, but the monthly fee is cheaper than going to the movies with someone. You could also check to see if your local library has audio books you can check out. (Many have digital downloads) I have a long drive to work so I get to listen to about an hour of an audio book each day.

Some say that listening to audio books doesn’t count as reading but I beg to differ. is a good article addressing this you. You really don’t want to get me started on this subject. Maybe one day I’ll write my own post about it from a teacher/ parent perspective.

Disclaimer DO NOT try to read a physical book or ebook while you drive! I have seen this before. Doing this not only risks your life but also risks the lives of those around you. Not cool!

During lunch break: As a teacher, I only get about 25 minutes to wolf down my lunch. Quiet in school is a rare commodity, so sometimes I stay in my room to indulge in a little quiet reading while I munch on a few bites to eat.

While you exercise: This one does not work for me because I don’t have a smoothe gait. My gait is gangly and clumsy, so I get sea sick. I have known many people who read on the treadmill or on the bicycle. Plus Yoga is my exercise of choice. Hard to read while doing yoga!

During sporting events: I am not a huge sports fan anyway. I don’t mind the occasional football game once in awhile. While my son is in karate class, I read. #WorstParentEverAward  It is not that I’m uninterested in my son’s sport. It is just that I get bored while they do the same kicks and punches and sit ups and etc. Every week. I glance up and watch a few minutes at a time, but I break it up with a little reading in between.

While you wait: Read while your car gets inspected or repaired. My mother reads while she sits in the driveline at my son’s school. Ever had to stand in line at the DMV?
Basically make sure you never leave the house without a book in your hand, your purse, your bag, or on your phone. I always have several books downloaded to my phone, just in case I get five minutes to read at some random time during the day.
During commercials: Yeah, who wants to watch commercials anyway?

During a boring tv show: The Lego Batman Movie was entertaining the first 500 times we watched it! Now, I’m over it. So when I get time to sit while my son watches it, I read. dog-734689_1920

Social Media: I can’t tell you how many times I sit down in the evening, open Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and blink suddenly a half an hour or more has passed. What did I read in that time? An article and million comments. I love social media— keeping up with people while in the comfort of my home. That is a dream for an introvert like me. I make connections with some really amazing people. I’ve even had conversations with some of the authors I idolize. (like when I talked about hair with Mary Robinette Kowal. Eek!) I treasure those moments. Social Media is valuable. Sometimes though I get caught up reading through a swirl of controversial arguments. I try teasing out the facts, but in the end, I’m none the wiser for it. Then I regret I didn’t spend that time reading good literature instead of reading the comments of trolls.

While you are walking: This is the most dangerous…physically. Watch out for obstacles in your path. Yes. I was that kid in middle school who ran into the pole between the two doors in the school hallways. I had it down pat by high school though.

I’m sure I’ve missed some very creative ways to find time to read. Tell me when have you been able to sneak moments to read.

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