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I am one of those crazy people who keep a Bujo (Bullet Journal- if this is new to you, this is a good website to check out.)  I am not going to explain how it all works. Kara Benz explains it much better on BohoBerry.

I would like to show you how I use my Bujo for my writing. I prefer to type my stories, but I do my best brainstorming on paper.

img_5122 img_5121

I am a very visual person, so I treat this somewhat like an inspiration board. I love that this inspiration board goes pretty much everywhere I go. So if a new idea pops into my head at the most inconvenient time, I can jot it down. You can actually see the left image has 3 different writing utensils: black ink, pencil, purple ink.

I start a page or two for each major character I plan to use in the story. Then I label a page to catch ideas for Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 of my story if it is a story formatted with the 3 act structure.

Then I use these notes to type up an outline or a summary of what each part of the story will be about.

For the story I was most recently working on, a science fiction short story, I rewrote the beginning 3 times. I just could not find the voice of Chloe, my main character. Finally, I went on Pinterest and found an image that suited her. At long last, I found her voice. So for me, this visual inspiration is a critical part of my process.

It is all very messy but that is often, for many people, how the creative process works. The key is to try different methods to find what works for you. This is one method you could try.


The key is to try different methods

to find what works for you.


Just for fun here are some pictures of my BuJo. The cover is new from AltGuild on Etsy. The pages are nothing too fancy, just functional.

Happy Writing!

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    1. There is a book by Ralf Fletcher (no relation) called Breathing In, Breathing Out, which is kinda where the idea come from. He journals on a daily basis. He also collects ideas in his journal. It’s a great book!

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