Blogiversary 2018

Happy Birthday!

Quill & Books is TWO years old now! What a ride this is! I have neglected the blog a bit because I’m working as a teacher and working on my MLIS to be a school librarian in addition to being a mom and wife. Let’s just say this has been a hectic year. This year is going to be another one since I have one more year of grad school.

I am working on a new logo. I also redesigned my blog with a new theme and I have reorganized it to have separate pages for reading posts and writing posts. I was delaying this post until I had the logo done, but.. there was a glitch. Creating a unique logo and turning it into a vectorized image is not as easy as it might seem. I have hired this out to someone now. I will let you know when I have it.

Previous Goals

This year my goal was to write some short stories and start trying to get them published. I have one story really polished to perfection, as best I can. I have submitted it to 4 places so far. One gave me an honorable mention. The other 3 were polite rejections. I also have a few other short stories in various stages of progress. So I’m doing pretty good with that goal.

Another goal I had last year was to branch out into the area of writing.

Future Goals

This year I will keep writing book reviews and teach you what I can about writing. I would love to hear from you, dear reader. Is there something you would like to learn about the writing process? Is there a book you think I should read? Post a comment below or email me: quillandbooks at

This semester I am taking the Literature for Youth, so you’ll probably see many, many book reviews, but they’ll be a bit more concise due to time constraints.

I hope to give this blog a nice, clean updated look once I have my new brand logo. My hope is to do this by 2019 but I make no promises since this semester is brutally busy with the Literature class requiring me to read and review 2 novels per week. That is good news for you all though! And honestly, I’m super excited about the books I get to choose from, many of which have been on my to-read list.

Now instead of you giving Quill and Books a gift, let me give you a gift. Since we are all readers, you can never have enough bookmarks. Here is a downloadable bookmark for you with what has become my mantra: Dream. Believe. Do.

How to get the Free Bookmarks

Here is the canva link for the bookmark.

Here is another version on the same theme.

or if you prefer here is a Google Doc with both bookmarks.

Let me know if you have any problems downloading them.