Book Review: Virals

This summer I am putting some dents in the long time books on my TBR list! I wanted to read this book for two reasons, the author is Kathy Reichs (writer of the Bones TV series), and I happen to like wolves or anything dog related.

by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs


Agent: Jennifer Rudolph Walsh
Publisher: Penguin

Tory, niece of Temperance Brennan, and her super smart friends get into a heap of trouble when they discovers one of the wild wolf-German Shepherd hybrid pups go missing from the island where their parents all work. They discover that one of the scientists on the island has been experimenting on him. Which also exposes her and her friends to something that is changing them.

They also discover a forty year old murder victim and vow to track down the killer, even if it involves risking their own lives.

The Writing

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The writing on this story is good. The pacing was excellent. I could hardly put it down. Of course it is a story about high school kids trying to solve a 40 year old cold case, so you have to suspend belief a little bit. Tory comes across a bit too strong. She is clearly the leader, her friends follow her and do what she asks a bit reluctantly at times, but mostly they follow her lead. I get it…wolf pack…she’s the Alpha. But I was hoping for a little more depth of character. The friends are not cardboard cut outs or anything really lame; I guess I just had high expectations for the book because I liked her writing for Bones. Some plot points I saw coming, but that is normal for any YA novel. Other plot twists or clues were clever surprises. Overall I enjoyed the story immensely.

Who will like this?

If you love a thriller paced, cold-case mystery with paranormal elements, then you’ll love this story!

I gave it 4 quills because of its excellent pacing and clever plot, but somewhat heavy handed leader of the pack thing.