Writing Update October 2019

It has been a while since I’ve written about what is going on in my writing world.

So things are starting to settle down a bit now. *Knock on wood* Grad school is done! Middle school is in session and I finally feel like I got my head above water… for the moment. So I can focus on writing a bit. I have three projects in mind. 1- A novel based on the short story I published, 2- a nonfiction book, 3- write more short stories.

The Novel

The novel is going to take me a long time, so I’ve put that idea on the back burner for now, but I do have a 3 page paragraph outline of it. It can simmer for a bit.

Short Stories

I have several short stories in various different states. I sent one off and got a near instantaneous rejection. (<12 hours) I’ve not sent it out since, but I need to. So I’ll periodically send it out over the next few months.

Nonfiction Book

The nonfiction book is on the front burner. I have about 10 chapters written so far and maybe 5 more to go for the rough draft. (I keep thinking of more topics I need to address, so I realistically have about 10 more chapters to write!)

Let me back up and tell you why I started this. When I dreamed of becoming a writer, I didn’t dream of being a nonfiction writer. However I have a teacher’s heart. I’ve been to many classes, conferences, writing groups, and read many books on the topic of publishing. None of them were all encompassing, but I gleaned tidbits from each.

Last spring when my short story was published, several students came to me asking how to get published. It is a long, complicated process and I didn’t do a very good job of explaining it in the 10 minute conversation. I would have liked to recommend a book or two that would give them all the information they were seeking, but none came to mind that were aimed at young writers just starting out. I could think of a few adult books, but they were so big and overwhelming. I wanted a book that just lightly touched on each part of the process, not a 300 page book with way more detail than they were looking for. So…”See a need fill a need.”

Image result for see a need fill a need

There is a lot to publishing that the general population doesn’t know about. I am a teacher who is passionate with sharing the knowledge I have. So I decided to write a book about the steps between finishing your rough draft and getting it published. Here are some of the items in the table of contents.

My progress so far!
  • What is an Alpha Reader?
  • What is a Beta Reader?
  • Do I need an Editor?
  • Do I need an Agent?
  • Types of Publishing: Traditional, Indie, Hybrid
  • How do I Write a Query Letter?
  • Rejection Letters
  • Acceptance Letters
  • What are Royalties?

Do you have any questions about publishing? Is there a topic you want to know about that I don’t have listed here?

Timetable (Version 1)

November NANOWRIMO!! I am determined to spend November finishing the first draft of the book.
DecemberBegin Editing
JanuaryFinish Editing, research possible cover designers
FebBeta Readers, Hire someone to create a cover?
MarchRelease date? Maybe. If all goes well.

That is the plan!

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” So I have my battle plan, though it might go off track, I at least had a plan.

That is what is on my plate right now. What is your current WIP