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My sister and I on the beach.

I missed my Friday post deadline because I went on vacation. My family and I drove down to see family that just moved to North Padre Island.

It was a strange vacation with masks and distance. The kids did great wearing their masks everywhere. The family we went to see is family we’ve already been in contact with several times since my step dad passed away in May.

My niece and brother in law taught us how to surf and boogie board. The kids loved the boogie boarding more than the surfing. My sister is more of the surfer. I just enjoyed the sun and the company. We also learned what a Blue flag at the beach means: Marine life. In our case…Jellyfish! I got stung 3 times. My sister and her kids got stung too. They don’t feel very good. May I recommend if there is ever a blue flag at the beach, go another day!

Empty Beach

We went to a secluded resident beach, so we had a 100 yards+ of space between us and other families.

Birthday at the Beach Cakes

This trip was to celebrate all the kids’ birthdays so we made sandcastle cakes for Birthday at the Beach. Due to Covid we put candles on their cake slices to blow them out, instead of having them blow on the whole cake.

LW on the beach for an evening walk when we first arrived.

My niece is a mermaid apparently!

Some Bookish Stuff!

I signed up to be an affiliate for Bookshop.org

This is an organization whose purpose is to help small, independent book stores thrive. This organization gets their books from the same providers as giant stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Bookshop.org takes their profits and divide it among bookstores across the United States. You can even choose a local bookshop near you to support.

You can learn more specifics on this about page.

I signed up to be an affiliate so I can do my part to help these indie shops and bring awareness to how others can help these shops.

Will I get rich doing this? Nope. (I don’t even make enough from affiliate links to buy a book each month). But that’s not why I’m doing this. I became an affiliate to help.

My affiliate link is https://bookshop.org/shop/kathrynfletcher You can click here and buy any book. I will earn a 10% commission and bookshops will earn a 10% commission. So now you can buy a book and know that you are helping too! Shop Local, help local!

This Friday I have an extra special post for you! I was able to interview an author!

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