Character Sheet–a Freebie!

I always get bored with character sheets. It is critical that you know your main characters well though, so they are a necessary evil. As a Fantasy writer, many of the existing character sheets have so many aspects that don’t apply to epic fantasy characters. Other character sheets go on and on forever. I have yet to find one I like.

The solution: make my own. I kept it to one page and tried to stick with only the most critical elements of a character. Something else I included was an area for a character arc. This will help me remember that if the character is important enough that I have a character sheet on them, then they need an arc, even a minor one.

Click here to get the Character Sheet. It is a Google Doc. Feel free to make a copy of it and customize it to meet your own needs. Please do not use it for commercial purposes. Feel free to share this with others by sharing this blog post.

Below is a glimpse of the document. The formatting is a bit messed up, but I’m proud of myself for figuring out how to embed this at all. Eventually, I’ll figure out how to embed a PDF version so it won’t mess up the formatting. Click the character sheet hyperlink above to get the correctly formatted character sheet.

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