Book Review: The Cruel Prince

My students raved about this book. They are so excited that the last book in this trilogy is coming out this fall. I had to read it and see if it was worth all the hype.

The Cruel Prince

by Holly Black
Little Brown Books for Young Readers

In chapter 1 Jude’s parents are murdered right in front of her and her two sisters. Then they are kidnapped and taken to be raised in Faerieland–humans living among the immortal (or nearly immortal). Life among the faeries is not easy, but Jude and her sisters are determined to make a life for themselves. Though each on envisions a different kind of life.

Jude’s life is made difficult by one of the princes who seems set on reminding her on a daily basis that her human life is fleeting compared to theirs. Jude is not weak. She will not stand by and allow herself to be bullied by someone even if they are stronger and more powerful. All three sisters learn that not all is as things seem. Everyone has secrets.

The Writing

Holly Black does not disappoint! I read this book in only a couple days because I couldn’t put it down.

Who Will Like This Book?

This series is similar to the Spiderwick Chronicles but geared to a much older audience. The bullying in this book is not petty little bullying that are mere annoyances, but life threatening bullying, not suitable for young readers. The political intrigue is sophisticated and interesting.

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