Book Review: The Natural History of Dragons

This has the word “Dragon” in it so of course I had to read it! I’ve heard some people say they hated it and some loved it. I’m in the loved it camp. It is not my typical read with tons of action, but I enjoyed it none the less.

The Natural History of Dragons

by Marie Brennan
Tor Books

Imagine dragons were real. Now imagine a kind of regency time period, with lords and ladies, a precocious young girl who is obsessed with dragons. She learns to draw them, to scientifically study them. At the time tiny dragons are considered a type of insect. As a young woman she has the opportunity to travel with her husband and a few associates to a distant land and study actual dragons. The dragons have recently begun attacking the people and she is determined to learn what is causing this.

Who Will Like This Book?

The story reads like an autobiography of Lady Trent. It is written with clarity and beauty. The pacing is slow like a gentle stroll through life, so if that is not your speed, I don’t recommend this book.

It is appropriate for Teens but is was written with adults in mind. I could see a student who is obsessed with dragons enjoying this book. Anyone who enjoys Fantasy and Historical Fiction would like this assuming they like a slower, more reflective pacing book. I was enthralled by the beautiful writing.