I am Princess X

This is another Lone Star book.  Next in line for me to read is Rebel Mechanics which is another Lone Star book. Yes, I frequently shop the Lone Star List when looking for a good book to read.

I’ve never read this author before–haven’t even heard of her really. Priest usually writes steampunk, mystery, and dark fantasy. If you are not familiar with steampunk, there are many definitions, but simply put it is a genre that features steam powered machinery. Generally speaking it will be set in the 1800’s but will have advanced technology for the day that is powered by steam.

I am Princess X
By Cherie Priest
Genre: Mystery

This story begins with 2 friends who like to draw a comic about a princess who has a katana blade instead of a magic wand. They name her Princess X. May does the writing and Libby does the drawing; they are a perfect team. Then Libby and her mom are in a car accident in which they go off a bridge and into the water. They have a funeral for Libby and her mom. May moves away.

Three years later she goes back to Seattle for a visit and sees Princess X stickers, patches, and shirts everywhere. She thinks perhaps it is a copycat. But then there is an online comic with things in it which only Libby could have known and it is all new material. No one knows who is authoring the comic. May has to get to the bottom of this mystery. She enlists the help of a boy who knows something about computers. Together they hunt down clues and get into a heap of trouble!

The writing is simple and easy to read (790 lexile). Many pages are drawn like a comic book which is a nice visual break. The pacing is not slow, so it keeps readers engaged throughout the story. I will be recommending this book to students who might be reluctant readers, or ones who prefer books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. I think this is a good bridge book between the highly illustrated books and plain chapter books. Our school year has just begun and already the library copies and my personal copy is checked out with more on the waiting list!