First Rough Draft Done!

Sorry it has been awhile since I posted. It is busy season at school. Actually in education, when is it not?

On March 12th, I finished typing the rough draft of my manuscript!!
*insert scream of excitement*
This has been on my imaginary bucket list for a very long time. When I was in 7th grade study hall, I spent study hall writing 40 something pages of a novel, but abandoned it. After graduating college, I wrote 130 pages of a novel. That is when I invented this fantasy world that I’m writing in now. I started trying to teach myself how to write novels and nearly drown myself in how-to-write-stories books and self doubt.

I’ve listened to Writing Excuses podcast for 7 years or so with the intent of one day getting back into writing. I looked at my old 130 page manuscript and decided that I should start with a new book. The new idea simmered in my head for a few months. I finally decided, I’m 39, almost 40. I’m not getting any younger. Honing the skills to write novels are not ones that happen over night. If I’m going to get published one day I better start now.

August 2015 I began writing chapter one.

Fast forward through 19 months of writing while working full time. Now I can finally say I have finished a manuscript! Third time’s a charm right? It is 99,917 words long– had to keep it under a 100,000 words. That is 400+ pages standard manuscript format, ready for an edit.

IMG_0525.JPGI still have a long way to go with this novel. It is broken in so many ways, it might be hopeless. For now, the plan is to let it rest for a few months while I work on a few short stories to hone some specific writing skills.

After a few months, I’ll go back and revise it to practice my revision skills.

I plan to do like Brandon Sanderson and several other authors I’ve heard do: write a book and submit it for publication while I work on the next book.  I can’t remember the exact number, but I think Sanderson was working on writing book 7 or so when his 5th book was picked up by a publisher. I imagine I’ll have to write at least that many to get good enough to be published, and I can only hope to become half as talented as Sanderson.

For now, I will celebrate my first victory!

What is this book about?

Elemental magic users, called Faer, are being persecuted by the new king. A draconic demon is summoned to kill the Faer. Vera and her daughter are  seamstresses for the nobility.  They must keep their magic abilities secret while helping their people. The Faer must survive while staying true to their non-violent beliefs. Not all the Faer agree on how this should be done. 

That is the elevator pitch. It needs some work too.

Writing is a long journey, full of hard work, but immensely enjoyable work.



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