Graceling Book Review

This book has been on my To-Read List for AGES! I’d heard it was good and they were right. I enjoyed it very much. I actually picked it up a year ago and read the first chapter. I realized if I continued to read it, I’d not be able to put it down. I had things which had to be done, so I put it down until I had time to read it. Life happened and a year later, I picked it up again. It was a fast read because it is so hard to put down.


By Kristin Cashore

Published by Harcourt
Editor: Kathy Dawson
(I am going to start listing the publisher and editor, when I can, to help familiarize myself with the names of editors and publishing companies I like. Hopefully one day I’ll submit my own manuscript to them one day– probably far, far into the future.)

In the world of Graceling some people are Graced with different abilities. They discovered Katsa was Graced with the ability to kill when she accidentally killed a person at eight years old. Now as a young woman she practices sparring against multiple trained soldiers easily. Her uncle, the king, uses her as his thug– beating people up who didn’t pay what the king felt was his due. It is not the life she would have chosen for herself though.

Po, a man Graced with combat skills almost comparable to Katsa’s, comes from another kingdom and becomes her friend. Together they embark on a journey rife with unimaginable dangers. They uncover a dangerous secret that could destroy the seven kingdoms.

The Writing

The story is well written.  It is paced very fast so it will keep readers engaged. Reluctant readers may do well with it. I found the main characters very compelling.

Who will like this story?

If you like magic systems, combat, and nonstop action, you will love this story. The lexile is 730 so an average 6th graders could handle this book.

It does have some romance in it but it is not primarily a romance story. Boys and girls in my classes like it. There is some sexual content, but it is not overly detailed. For conservative readers, you may want to wait to read it until you are 13 years old.  I allow my 11 year olds to read it if they wish, unless I know parents are conservative. I tend to be rather liberal in what I allow kids to read though.

Foul Language: No.
Violence: Yes. Nothing too graphic.
Sexual Content: Some.
Substance Abuse: No.

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