Book Review: The Invisible Library

Book Review: The Invisible Library

The Invisible Library does not have a fancy cover but it is simple and elegant and I am a sucker for any book that has the word “library” in it. So I had to pick it up! And I’m so glad I did! This is not a YA book but I loved it none-the-less.

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The Invisible Library

By Genevive Cogman

Irene is a junior librarian for THE Library. This library exists on its own, outside all the countless alternate worlds. Irene travels to different alternates on assignment to collect certain unique copies of books..occasionally, by any means necessary. Sometimes this is an easy task, sometimes not. For this mission, she must go into an alternate that is infested by Chaos. To make matters more complicated she has been assigned an apprentice that is keeping something from her. 

The premise of The Invisible Library is unique in my opinion. One giant library, infinite worlds. Each world slightly to vastly different from the others. The one Irene goes to for this mission is similar in layout to other Londons but it has steam-powered technology instead of coal.

Irene is smart in both book-smarts and street-smarts. The character reminds me of Jane Eyre in her mannerisms but mixed with James Bond in her ability to intelligently and deftly get what she wants.

The magic systems are also intriguing. The Librarians have The Language which controls things that don’t go too far against its nature For example, if you tell a lock to unlock, it will gladly do so because that is its purpose. ou know the scene in LOTR (books or movie) where they are trying to figure out how to open the Doors of Durin, speak friend and enter–the Language is like that.

This is such a cute library card scarf!

The Fae have Chaos magic which is less understood, possibly because it is…um…chaotic. (I wish we had a wink face emoji on WordPress. I think I’ve spent too much time on my phone lately.)

Who will like this book?

Jane Eyre lovers will like this because of the main character, Irene. If you love heist stories, a bit of political intrigue, a good giant mechanical centipede battle, magic, vampires, werewolves, and BOOKS!

I will add that this book is not at all geared toward teens. It is written for adults. There is no cussing that I can remember but there is some talk of sex outside of marriage (not often though since this is not a romance story). The pacing is fast, so I would personally let my teen read it if they were interested.

And the narrator, Susan Duerden, for this book is superb! She has a British accent that I could listen to all day long and has the perfect, prim voice for Irene.

So get it from your favorite bookstore or from The Library! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’m currently reading book 2!

Happy Reading

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