Book Review: Storm Runner

I was super excited about Storm Runner. I know very little about Mayan gods.

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The Storm Runner

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by J.C. Cervantes
Publisher: Disney Hyperion

Zane Obispo is a pretty normal kid.except for the fact he has a birth defect of one leg shorter than the other which causes a limp. His mom works hard to provide for the family, but there are secrets she is keeping from Zane. He never knew his father. In his backyard is a New Mexico Volcano which he loves to explore. He even found a secret entrance that led inside the volcano.

He witnessed a plane crash. Not something you see every day, but what made this even stranger…the pilot was NOT human! Maybe an alien? Maybe something else.

A girl named Brooks showed up the next day. She had secrets and she promised some answers. This triggers an adventure with deadly consequences not just for Zane but the whole world.

The Writing

At the beginning of this book I was really not impressed. A boy with no father (like most Rick Riordan books). A boy at the center of a prophecy like a million other stories from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. That is sooo yesterday! However, this book did take a different route when the prophecy was fulfilled only 1/3 into the book. The rest of the story was how to repair the damage done and discovering who is Zane’s father. So, not all bad and not as cliche as I initially expected.

This is most definitely written with middle school age readers in mind. Maybe I feel that way because I’ve been reading a ton of adult books with more complex plot lines and syntax, but I don’t think that’s it. Some of the plot points are simplistic and predictable. The writing is not bad really, just…as an avid reader I’ve seen stuff like this before. The good news is that many middle school kids are not so experienced and jaded as me. (If you are the type of kid who has read every book in the library, you might feel as I do about this book.)

Who will like this?

If you like Rick Riordan books like The Heroes of Olympus series, The Gods of Asgard Series and etc. then you will love this series. If you have an interest in Mayan gods and mythology, you’ll love this. If you liked the Land of Stories series you will also like this one.

The story is set in New Mexico but has a strong tie-in to Mayan culture and North American Native American/Mexican cultures. The main character speaks Spanish and some Spanish words are sprinkled in throughout the story. This was incorporated well into the story.

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