Book Review: Lost and Found

I saw this on NetGalley and snatched it up based solely on the author, Orson Scott Card.

After I downloaded it I looked at the description. It actually sounded like an interesting plot idea too. I devoured the book. This ARC is in a kind of rough state, so I half wonder if the cover might change. have another book that is in much better shape and it is not set to release until October of this year. This one comes out in September. Hopefully!

Professional Reader 10 Book Reviews 80%

Lost and Found
by Orson Scott Card

First, imagine that you can see something lying on the ground like a scrunchy, and just know where the owner is so you can return it. Cool, right?

Not for Ezekiel, who was repeatedly accused of stealing the very thing he was returning! Nobody wants to be friends with a thief. So now, he just tries to ignore the things he finds.

Beth, a really short high school kid, enters his life, wanting to be his friend, and stubbornly refuses to leave him alone no matter how rude he is to her.

Finally, a cop comes and asks for his help in finding a little girl. Yeah, AFTER cops spent his whole life accusing him of stealing, NOW they want his help! Right!

He learns he is not the only one with micropowers. He is invited to a group of others like him that have pretty useless minor little powers. Like the ability to make someone yawn. So, no, not cool like the X-Men.

The Writing


Ummm. This is OSC! He is a master! He teaches other writers how to write! He literally wrote the book on How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy. I have it on my shelf! Of course it was excellently written! Now as far as I know he hasn’t written YA before. I don’t think he has even written a realistic fiction book with a smidgen of paranormal.

So how did he do with YA? Great. My only issue is that the characters felt a little bit younger than they actually were in the story. They were supposed to be 9th/10th grade, but they seemed more like 7th/8th grade to me. I teach middle school, so I am more picky than the average Joe on things like that. Regardless, the dialogue was real snarky and the relationship between Ezekiel and Beth was fun! AND It wasn’t a book where the parents were non-existent, clueless imbeciles. THANKYOU Mr. CARD! Ezekiel’s mom was dead so she was not there, but the dad was there. Ezekiel actually told his dad some things and they talked. Not many YA books do that very much it seems.

Who will like this?

If you liked Ender’s Game, you might give this one a try. The dialogue and characters in both are excellent! If you like a story about friendships and loss and parental relationships, then you’ll like this. If you enjoy some amateur sleuthing with a bit of paranormal powers, you’ll love it!

I think I’ve gushed about this book enough…just go read it!

Coming September 2019!