Book Review: Cryptozoology for Beginners

I picked this book up because cryptozoology…how fun is that!? What I didn’t know is that this a sequel to Sorcery for Beginners. That’s okay though. Even if you haven’t read book 1, this one still makes sense.

*This book was given to me by Inkshares via Netgalley in exchange for an honest book review.

This delightful book is part fiction story and part cryptozoology information book. There is a well written story arc to keep fiction readers engaged, but it also has text boxes which define less commonly known words or it contains interesting tidbits of information such as the box above.

Cryptozoology for Beginners


by Matt Harry
Illustrator Juliane Crump
Publisher Inkshares

Trish is a 13 year old girl with a secret…a very personal secret which has already destroyed her relationship with her best friend. But she is tough and has more than friendship problems on her mind.

The Euclideans are on a mission to wipe out magic. To do this they are capturing and experimenting (aka torturing) magical creatures like Nessie, Sasquatch, Jackalopes, Kirin, and more.

Perry and Owen are a couple that sometimes finish each other’s sentences. Both are rather nerdy in a good way. Perry is a brilliant spell caster. Perry, Owen, and Trish are level one sorcerers. Jacinda is a 16 year old, level 2 sorcerer, tasked with leading a team.

One of the teenage bad guys in book one, Bryan, is apparently reformed now. He is still about as pleasant as a calculus test on a Friday. But he is on the team to prove himself. Trish, Perry, and Owen are shocked and mad that they now have to work with someone they helped bring down just six weeks ago.

Whitmore is their mentor to these beginners and member of the Council Arcanum.

Read to find out if they successfully capture and protect all the magical animals before the Euclideans get to them. I also wonder if Bryan is REALLY on their side now, or if he is a mole for the Euclideans.

Who Will Like This?

Anyone who loves excellent writing will love this story. I see this as a nice bridge book for someone who loves reading non-fiction books because of all the facts and tidbits of information that are sprinkled throughout the book in a nonfiction format. Of course anyone who loves mythological animals and all things cryptozoology will go gaga over this.

Here is a sample of the text which shows why I love this book:

“Even though eighth grade would be finished on Friday and Trish was looking forward to high school in the fall, her excitement for summer vacation had just been torpedoed. Worse than that–it had been vaporized by an atom bomb, covered in smelly garbage and dumped inside a flowery pink trash bin. Trish hated flowers; she despised the color pink, and plastic was, in her opinion, the most wasteful invention ever.” –Cyptozoology for Beginners

That description is so vivid and over the top! Love, Love this!


This book will be available in November 2019!

Professional Reader 10 Book Reviews 80%