Book Review: The Dragon Warrior

Dragon is in the title so I HAD to pick this book up! This book releases on October 15th. I want to get the review up before then, so you get a bonus post this week! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading this book!

*This book was given to me by Bloomsbury via Netgalley in exchange for an honest book review.

The Dragon Warrior

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by Katie Zhao
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Faryn Liu is a member of the Jade Society in San Francisco. Unlike many contemporary Jade Society members, she has actually trained hard to defeat the demons they are supposed to fight. In recent years people haven’t seen many demons, until now. Faryn and her brother, Alex, trained with their grandfather, since their father disappeared years ago on a quest.

During the Lunar New Year Parade, Faryn runs into a real demon, and with the help of a god, she defeats it. Soon after, she is tasked with a quest of her own to prove she is the Heaven Breaker… or not. She and Alex hope this quest will lead them to their missing father. They even have their father’s journal to help them navigate the journey. But not all the gods want them on this mission and that causes problems. They get help from some unexpected sources and they are hindered .

The banter between brother and sister is fun!

There was a lovesick, puppy-like expression on his face that made me want to punch him. Instead, I did something worse. “Sooo, Alex. It’s up to me to talk to you about girls, huh?” …. My brother looked at me as though Id’ suggested we poke our eyeballs out and offer them to the gods.

–The Dragon Warrior by Katie Zhao

The story poses questions like: Which is more important, duty or family? Are some lives worth more than others?

Will Faryn and Alex find their father alive? Will they succeed in their quest? Will they triumph over the demons?

Who Will Like This Book?

Anyone who enjoys reading a fun fantasy adventure will love this book. There is politics between the gods, love, loss, curses, dragons, weapons, fights, discovery, wisdom gained, magic, banter, riddles, conflict at every turn, beautiful culture, and hope in this book.

This is the beginning of a series which I look forward to continuing to read.

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  1. Great review 🙂 I adore dragons, and the brother and sister banter looks fun, so I think it might be one I read soon!

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